The Fort McMurray Chinese-Canadian Cultural Society (The Society) is a non-profit cultural organization and a registered charity in Fort McMurray. (Registration # 118928324 RR 0001)

The Society was established in 1980, and with the Chinese Heritage School, we have been serving the Chinese community and people from the community at large, interested in Chinese language and culture, for over 30 years.

Our missions include:

  • to promote the cultural, intellectual, physical and social well-being of people living in Fort McMurray.
  • to fund and operate the Chinese Heritage School.

The Society organizes events and activities such as the Annual Chinese New Year Banquet, pot-luck parties, festivity gatherings, BBQs and recreation activities. We also provide peer-support to new immigrants or other “brothers and sisters” in hardship. The Chinese School offer Chinese language courses, dancing classes, Tai-Chi classes, calligraphy classes and other activities free of charge or at affordable rates. The Society also actively participates and volunteers in many other community activities such as donating Chinese books to the Public Library, performing in other cultural events, offering Chinese cooking classes…etc.