Chinese School

We offer Chinese language courses for children from Pre-school to Grade 3. There are currently 7 classes, running from early September to late May, every Sunday afternoon (except on statutory holidays, long weekends or during school breaks) at the Holy Trinity High School in Timberlea.

      Class                                                       Teacher    

  • Pre-school and Kindergarten               Melissa Xu
  • Grade 1                                                    Rose Luo
  • Grade 2                                                    Sonia Yin
  • Grade 3                                                    Holly Zhao
  • Grade 4                                                    Li Xie
  • Adult Class                                              Lily Gu and Sinan Song

Adult classes for non-Chinese speaking people can be arranged on demand basis. The minimum class size is 8. Please contact the School Principal Jing Xie if you are interested.

Teaching materials and books are purchased from the Chinese Consulate. Most of our teachers have teaching experience in China. Some of them also went for a training provided by HanBan (Confucius Institute Headquarters) in 2010-2011. For more information about the training, please visit

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